Giving Patients Full Control To Centralize Their Full Health Records

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MetaHealthU is and always will be 100% free to patients.

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User Problem

When you’re sick, and you’re frightened, and you’re fighting for your life, that is not the time to have trouble gathering your data.

Our mission is to empower patients across the planet with all of their health data. When you control your data, you have more options. For your own care, and to advance research for others.

How the App Solves Centralizing Health Data

Access To EMR/EHR Systems

The most advanced patient-data gathering platform for decentralized and hybrid patient data that applies innovative social media strategies and data science to ensure you get full health records.

Centralizing Health Data

Understand humans like never before. Build solutions that meet their needs and the needs of your business better than you ever thought possible – all on a breakthrough platform that’s amazingly easy to adopt.

Build your blueprint for better health.

Carla Marin, Blood Disorder

"I need to get my records in a timely fashion so I can go about planning my treatment path"

Karen Smith, Cancer Survivor

"I am a cancer warrior, and data is one of my most powerful weapons."

Chen Gibbs, Trainer

"In order to build better athletes we needed full health records of the athlete's history."